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Muddy Puddles ELP offers young children a distinct learning experience with the belief that children are natural learners and that between the ages of birth and six, the mind develops faster than any other period in life.


We embrace this belief at Muddy Puddles ELP by cultivating a child’s natural curiosity to learn, focusing on the individual readiness of the child, and incorporating age appropriate curriculum into our teaching practices. In addition, we use the guidelines of the Massachusetts educational frameworks to ensure the success and preparedness of each child through his or her school years.


At Muddy Puddles ELP our mission is to help children gain a great love of learning. We foster independence and academic success. Our environment is designed to introduce, encourage, and guide children to perfect the skills needed for success such as physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language, promoted by our drive to be positive contributors of the community.

We are sure you have questions and we are happy to answer any concerns you may have. Placing a child in the care of someone other than family, can be one of the hardest things a parent can do. We assure you that this transition will be as smooth as possible for both you and your little ones!

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Hours are 7am to 5pm (10hrs)


We provide all:

 Diapers, Wipes, Diapering Products

Infant Formula, All Meals

Daily rates are $75/day

We accept newborns  from 6 weeks until preschool age of 2.9 years of age when we will have worked to find the right preschool daycare program for your little one!

Weekly Menu


Here are some examples of what is offered daily~ 

Daily sheets will display what foods were offered that day.


(will include a grain, a dairy or protein, and a fruit)

Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, Mixed Berries, Granola

Waffles/Pancakes, Bananas, Milk

English Muffins w/coconut oil, Avocado, & Milk

Bagels w/cream cheese & Orange Juice

*for infants, Formula, Oatmeal & Fruit*


(will include 2 different components)

Cheese Nips & Mini Cucumbers

Goldfish & String Cheese   

Pineapples & Pita Bread

*for infants, Formula*


(will include a grain, a dairy, a protein, 

a vegetable, and a fruit)

Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets, Pineapples, Smile Fries, Stringless Sugar Snap Peas & Milk

ABC Pasta, Marinara, Mozzarella Cheese Cubes, Mandarin Oranges & Milk

Pita Bread, Hummus, Broccoli & Cauliflower, Strawberries & Milk

*for infants, Formula, Mixed Veggies, Rice Cereal (& protein based on age)*

Our Program


Our large single family home is located on a dead end street, has a wonderful front yard and entirely fenced in backyard. Our home completely shoe free. 

The entire home is meticulously maintained daily and all linens, pack and plays, equipment, furniture and toys are disinfected and washed down, if not daily, weekly. 

Our disease control prevention plan is the best of all programs around, guaranteed. We are very strict about our sick policy here as well, so keep that in mind.

In 2008 Muddy Puddles ELP was founded to offer parents a high-quality early learning program for their children, in our home-based, mixed age group setting. 

Our year-round program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of each child and their family.

We opened our doors in 2008, as a licensed family child care for six and quickly expanded to the largest home-based childcare offered and have now expanded to 10, also known as large family child care. 

We then hired assistants to really be able to implement learning in a mixed age group environment, and to expand on the individual needs of each age group.

At Muddy Puddles ELP we provide a nurturing learning atmosphere where children feel safe and secure in an intellectually and stimulating environment.  

Our curriculum is based upon the principles of many great theorist in Child Development like Erickson, Freud, Vygotsky, and especially Maria Montessori and we focus on the development of the whole child and current findings in Early Learning for children.

Here we cultivate a child’s natural curiosity to learn, focus on the individual readiness of the child, and incorporate age appropriate curriculum into our teaching practices. 

We believe learning should be natural and fun. We feel if we provide the tools and guide them, they will naturally teach themselves.

Because we feel a high-quality education is a priority not a privilege, we use the Massachusetts Department of Early Learning Education Guidelines along with many of Dr. Montessori's methods and materials as well as the Massachusetts Frameworks guidelines to provide a quality educational program that will benefit all children. 

Our parent handbook is more detailed with our policies and procedures. Please view and make sure you feel we make a good fit before scheduling an interview!

Enrollment Information

Event Care


Looking to have a party, gathering, or wedding, and would prefer to 

ask for children to be left at home but would hate to offend guests or worse, 

fear that they would not be able to attend otherwise? 

I have the solution for you! 

I come to your home or venue and use a specific room or space to care for children, do crafts, play games, face paint,  dance, feed and care for including diapers, bottles etc.


You even assign us our own table to feed the children at. 

Call for more information!



"My niece loves going to Shaunna's home. Instead of becoming upset during drop-off, she smiles and waves goodbye as she closes the door. Her comfort, happiness, and safety are clearly as important to Shaunna, as it is to our family. If asked, I would definitely recommend Muddy Puddles." ~Heather Gelinas 


"We are absolutely thrilled with Muddy Puddles." ~ Sarah Handler


​"I was just reviewing my daughters daily sheet and I just wanted to let you know again, how much I appreciate and how grateful I am that she gets to attend your home daycare above all. Things are going excellent so far and I have total faith in our ability to stay on the same page and help my daughters progress as she grows. Again, thank you for everything and I look forwarding to continuing child care with you. Thanks a bunch." ~Olivia Sumblin


"Shaunna is amazing with the kids! My daughter is always so excited to go there." ~Corrie Gordon


"My daughter was here for a year, from Jan 2011 - Jan 2012 before she went to preschool and she loved it. Still points out the house when we drive by!" ~Dawn Partington


"My son has been in a handful of daycares and after being here for one day he came home saying, "This is the best daycare ever!!!". I haven't had a single issue, Shaunna is always accommodating and your children couldn't be in better hands. Every morning I am woken up by my son asking if we can leave yet and when I pick him up in the afternoon he's always so excited to go back the next day. It's really nice knowing that even though I have to work all week my son doesn't miss out on going to fun places and enjoying his summer. I would (and have) recommend her to anyone." ~Kayti Lapensee


 "Picking a daycare for our son was one of the scariest things we have ever done! When we found Shaunna at Muddy Puddles she helped us feel comfortable every step of the way. She truly enjoys watching our son grow up and even sends us pictures artwork so we can see how much fun he is having ever day - playing with blocks, doing arts and crafts projects, dancing, napping, and trying new foods. All the staff at Muddy Puddles is energetic, playful and just loves kids! We are so lucky to have found this second family for our little guy, and can work peacefully knowing he is in such great hands." ~Jeremy and Celine Vienneau

"My son is almost 7 and he was with Shaunna from when we lived in Millbury before me moved. When I opened up my business close to her new location I knew I would put my trust in Shaunna with my newborn. My son will be going with her this summer as well and he is super excited to see her and kids. I am never worried about safety of my children here I know she and her staff will take good care of all the kids as well as health. It's so tough to find a reliable daycare these days. Without a doubt I highly recommend Muddy Puddles. Thank You." ~Becky MacDonald

"My son started going to Muddy Puddles in April and I wished I knew about this wonderful home daycare sooner. Everyday at drop off B gets excited and walks up the stairs on his own and is full of smiles waiting for the door to open. (which is so great to see since he is a huge mommas boy) Instantly meeting Shaunna and during the tour I knew I wanted my son to go here which was so refreshing because I had given up hope in finding a daycare I was comfortable leaving my son at. So welcoming, loving and clean, every time I drop B off I am not worrying about his care because I know they're loving on him like I would be." ~Mandy LeClair

"My daughter was only 3 months when she just started daycare with Shaunna. From the first day she had my daughter smiling. I know that she is in the best hands because Shaunna makes you feel so at ease. She is extremely accommodating and truly loves what she does. My husband and I feel so much better knowing she is at Muddy Puddles Early Learning program. Shaunna treats my daughter like she is her own and that is amazing. We feel so lucky to have found her wonderful program. I know Larissa will be enjoying it there for years to come!" ~Nicole Lane

"My daughter has been going here for months now and my only regret is that she wasn't going sooner! Since starting she has come out of her shell SO MUCH. My family is so happy because she will play with them and let them hold her where before she would just cry. She is also happy to interact with other kids where she used to be so shy. 

The staff is really great as well, always so happy to see her and great at communicating. I have a weird work schedule that other places couldn't accommodate but they were able to make it work here. I was so nervous to send my daughter to daycare but it has been fantastic." ~AnneMarie Reynolds

"My son loves going to Miss Shaunna's! She shows all of the children so much love and care! I have peace of mind knowing he is in great hands when he is there! Best in home childcare ever!"

~Nicole Darnell

"Muddy Puddles Early Learning Program is awesome. We had our 2 year old grandson move in with us, unexpected, and I needed a good loving home-type daycare IMMEDIATELY, for a few days a week. I posted in Notably Northbridge and Shaunna responded right away. My husband and I met with her a few days later and our grandson started the following Monday. I was so impressed with her credentials, set-up, environment, daily plan, very reasonable rates, and loving environment. He went two days a week and loved it. He no longer attends because he is no longer living here, but I am grateful Shaunna responded to my CRY FOR HELP !!! Thank you for all your help." ~Joanne Periera

"My son has been going here for months and his very happy. He smiles every time we drop him off. Just look at the video they took of him on here and you can see that he loves it!!!!"

~Ashling Trainor

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